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David deBoisblanc

  • Visual Integrator Consulting-Chief Operating Officer
  • White Forest Partners-President
  • BIAS Corporaton-Vice President Commercial Business
  • Keste Vice- President of Sales​
  • Rolta Vice- President of SWIFT (South, West and Federal)
  • TITAN Technology Partners (KMPG)- Senior Vice President of Outsourcing and Change Management
  • TITAN Technology Partners (KMPG)- Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Stonebridge Consulting-Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Managing Partner of Florida
  • Tactics-Vice President of Sales


Throughout his career as a business executive, David deBoisblanc has built a reputation as a dedicated, results-driven business leader. He currently is the Chief Operating Officer for Visual Integrator Consulting, a firm that specializes in micro services architecture and enterprise integration.

Under the strategic guidance of David deBoisblanc and fellow members of the management team, VIC offers a broad range of services, from IT staffing and infrastructure architecture development to software selection assistance and cloud integration.

David deBoisblanc also spent several years as a vice president with Rolta International, where he helped drive business growth in the company’s IT Services division. As the primary manager of a large national territory, he grew regional revenue from $1 million to over $20 million in just under two years. By the end of the third year, Mr. deBoisblanc had established a number of key business partnerships with Oracle, which resulted in revenues in excess of $40 million.

David deBoisblanc served in the 6th fleet aboard the USS Forrestal (CV59). He served with distinction in the ships engineering division. He was recognized for outstanding performance and was received several Captain’s commendations.


David deboisblanc 

David deBoisblanc served as the co-CIO in an advisory capacity at a $5Billion telecommunication firm. David drove a stabilization of key operational systems, put in place metrics for measuring SLAs, organized the chart of projects to align with business objectives, reorganized the IT department and saved over $6 million from the annual budget. David deBoisblanc led a team of 3 consultants and worked with key company team members to accomplish these goals. David deBoisblanc answered directly to the CEO of the client.